MUS-ED Organization

MUS-ED is a fictional organization I created for my capstone Graphic Design project just before graduating from UW-Stout. This project was also chosen as a winner in the GD USA American Graphic Design Competition of 2014. The following is my official description of MUS-ED:

There are a lot of things that children are expected to learn to get ahead in life: critical thinking skills, verbal skills, and social development. One of the best and most fun ways for children to improve upon these skills is through music education. In fact, statistics say that 95% of Americans believe music is key to a well-rounded education. However, one of the major issues in the American schooling system right now is finding the funding needed to continue music education. Luckily, MUS-ED was created to remedy this issue. MUS-ED accepts children of all ages with different levels of musical knowledge and interest to create a unique learning environment. Let MUS-ED bring back the music with its one-of-a-kind summer program, where your community can request MUS-ED to personally come and teach your children how to express themselves through music and make life-long friendships in the process.

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