Interscope Records Identity

Interscope Records is an American record label company founded in 1990. Their clientele has grown to many different generes, including but not limited to Hip-Hop, Rock, and Current Pop. It’s variable identity is based off the design of a kaliedoscope, portraying the variability of the clients that Interscope Records takes on; the company is always changing and rearranging, just like the crystals in a kaliedoscope. The development of the identity is very simple: It is two circles containing a pattern of squares and over lap each other. They create the kaliedoscopic effect when one circle is rotated on top of the other. The squares thus create different patterns within the circle.  “INTERSCOPE RECORDS” is added beneath the image set in Adobe Caslon Pro in Semibold.

When using this design in smaller scales a different set of kaliedoscopic images have been created to decrease the possibility of the design getting “muddy” when decreased in size. The primary time when these smaller scaled images will be used is on the back of record or jewel cases for new album releases from their various music artists.


May 2012


University of Wisconsin-Stout project for Typographic Design